Mission Statement

To support gymnasts in their pursuit of athletic excellence by providing a support system built on partnership of gymnasts, their families, coaches and the community. To raise public awareness of the sport and to attract greater participation in all areas of the sport.

  • President: Mr. Samuel Strachan
  • Vice President: Anishka Wallace
  • Consultant: Mrs. Nicola Thompson
  • Treasurer: Mr. Rufus Swann
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  • To encourage all gymnasts to maximize their potential in athletics and academics while fostering spiritual awareness
  • To create fund raising opportunities to underwrite the cost of travel for gymnasts to local and international competitions
  • To empower and educate gymnasts, coaches and support members through certification programs, seminars and building a library of resources
  • To commit to long term plans of improving the sport in the Bahamas such that athletes have all available resources (quality coaching, training facilities, nutrition plans etc) to compete in regional competitions (ie Carifta, CAC) and eventually world class competitions (World, Olympics)

Management Profiles

Kevan N. Dean

Kevan N Dean was born in Miami Florida to Bahamian parents in May 1968. He was educated in the Florida school systems and holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with minors in both Physics and Mathematics from Florida State...

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Mrs. Andrea Knowles

Andrea Knowles is employed at Forsythe's Communications Ltd.and holds the position of Manager & CFO Accounts Department for the past 25 years. Motorola has awarded many managerial awards and certificates in the field of Communications... Read more

Sonia Willie

Sonia S. Willie was born in New Providence, Bahamas and was educated throughout the private and public school system in the Bahamas. She has been employed at Pictet Bank & Trust Ltd. for the past-twenty five (25) years in a number of positions...

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How we came about...

After researching gym schools in the United States, it was discovered that the success of the sport and gymnasts was the involvement of parents through booster clubs. Following this lead, in 2005, a group of parents combined their efforts to form a parent booster club as a part of their children's gym. It was also their goal and vision to underwrite the cost of all athletes attending competitions or training camps abroad. Many fundraising activities were hosted including steak outs, souse outs, cake sales, pre-competition displays and recitals.

These fund raising efforts fueled the attendance of teams attending several Florida based competitions and training camps under the school's name and the Bahamas' flag. The gymnasts earned amazing successes with increasing scores and levels of competition including several first place finishes. These accomplishments were garnered over the years without the moral or financial support of other stake holders who were vested with the responsibility to render such support.

Despite all of the efforts and successes, the parents understood that there needed to be better partnership with the management of the gym school, the Federation and the government for the sport to grow. Many hurdles in achieving collaboration were overcome but others still remain. One of the avenues to overcome the barriers preventing further growth was to form a new entity unattached to the school. In July 2009, steps were made in legally forming a non-profit entity, Bahamas Gymnastics Parents Booster Club, whose purpose is to support the sport of gymnastics and the developement of athletes through training camps and exposure at competitive events.

As we distance ourselves from a past of lack of accountability, transparency and engendering goodwill among all stakeholders, we forge ahead with new goals and to continue the work which already had its genesis in the hearts of parents. Under our new brand, these goals include:
  • 1. Opening new gym schools
  • 2. Increasing enrollment of gymnasts in the sport
  • 3. Partnering with the Bahamian community to send more teams to international training camps and competitions
  • 4. Upgrade coaches' training and equipment
  • 5. Introduce the first Bahamian bred and trained Olympic team by 2012
Together We Achieve More!